We believe that the most important things in life aren’t things. Being treated with dignity. Having support with mental health. Earning a livelihood. Growing up as part of a family.


When you donate to a Tangible Love project, your donation helps people in need achieve those intangible things we all need to flourish.

Each donation will support Australian Interserve personnel sharing their skills amongst the peoples of Asia and the Arab world. They work in partnership with local people and generous donors (like you!).

Interserve workers are motivated by God’s love for them and for the whole world. These projects combine your love with theirs to make a tangible difference for people who need it most.

Tangible Love Projects


The proceeds from each donation are used to support Interserve personnel who are seconded to a local organisation. These are skilled volunteers from Australia who work long-term alongside local people, contributing their expertise and building capacity in others.

Funds cover the everyday living costs of personnel (like food, housing, school fees for kids), as well as the special costs that enable their long-term overseas service (like insurances, training, member care).

Each project relates specifically to the work of one or more Australian workers on the ground today.

8% goes to admin. This covers essential services like processing payments and receipts and good governance to make sure money gets to where it needs to go.

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