Love Understands

People from different backgrounds building mutual respect.

We help people step across cultural, faith and language divides, building mutual understanding and respect.

People from all over the world call Australia home. This provides many opportunities to connect with people from other cultures, faiths and ethnicities right outside our front door. The ‘rest of the world’ is right here with us.

In fact, “They” are “Us”!

A key area of our work is with young people and students. Sadly, one in three school students in Australia still experience racial bullying and 20% experience racial bullying every day*!

C.H.A.T. (Cultural Hearing Asking Telling)

is a program where young people build respect, understanding and appreciation for one another, across cultural differences. Our team runs CHAT with a Christian perspective, training leaders and developing materials for young people in schools and church groups.

In the Middle East

Interserve workers run a business that intentionally employs people from two different groups who typically avoid any meaningful interaction. This business is creating a work environment and culture to address hostility and foster respect and understanding. It also addresses inequality by providing upskilling and a livelihood for people from poor or marginalised backgrounds.

As followers of Jesus, we believe that “there is no fear in Love, but perfect Love drives out fear.” (1 John 4:18).

That’s why we work to help people find common ground, so that fear and division can make way for Love and Peace.

Together, we can create spaces where Love is made tangible, barriers are broken down and strangers become friends.

“Before CHAT I didn’t know how to interact with others about conflicting ideas. CHAT taught me ways to interact with people from all different cultures with respect and understanding.” — Year 9 Student

Yes, I want to help people step across Cultural, Faith and Language divides!

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