Go Love the world

Interserve teams live and work alongside the peoples of Asia and the Arab World, in their home countries and in Australia.

We know and trust that God Loves the World. (John 3:16)

We also trust His call to Go and Love the World. (1 John 3:16)

We are doctors, teachers, baristas, accountants, carpenters, musicians, entrepreneurs, community development workers and more; using our skills to serve and train others.

In existing businesses, community organisations or social enterprises, we prioritise locally-led projects, meeting needs and building capacity among the most marginalised people.

Our work is wholistic and integrated. We hold together different dimensions, such as word and action, personal life and professional skills as well as our unique contribution to local, contextual faith communities. Each of us combines these dimensions in different ways as culturally appropriate and relevant to us.

We believe that local Christians who put their faith into action can make the greatest change in their communities.

So wherever possible, we partner with them to tackle the challenges they face, regardless of race, gender or faith. Together, we cultivate tangible Love that transforms lives and communities.

Yes, I want to walk alongside marginalised people.

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