Love takes Risks

Equipping followers of Jesus to live out their faith.

Whatever the church looks like around the world, experience tells us that supporting local Christians and faith communities is among the most effective ways to create wholistic change in communities. We know that local believers are the best people to reach out to their neighbours with faith and action.

This specialised area supports local workers with biblical education, teaching courses and leadership training that not only expands head knowledge, but also grows heart knowledge and lived action. The “TEE” (Tools that Equip & Empower) approach encourages mutual learning and encouragement, co-operation, and mixing ideas from different places, people and practices.

“TEE isn’t like school. We teach through discussion and conversation. Everyone shares their own experience and learning.” – Bitu, TEE Tutor Bangladesh

As a teacher, Jesus taught in a new way, making God accessible to people from all walks of life. He helped people to understand how true faith, put into action, transforms lives and communities. He taught of Love that takes risks, gives selflessly and forgives others.

Our tried and tested grassroots method of ‘Training in Context’ is providing effective  education, equipping local believers in Asia and Australia to grow in their Christian faith and to demonstrate it through practical service to others.

This is not always easy, and it is in some of the most remote and difficult places where support is needed.

“When we trust God, we can go to all places.” – Bitu, TEE Tutor, Bangladesh

Yes, I want to equip followers of Jesus to authentically live out their faith!

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