Love Restores

Taking action for a healthy environment, and the most vulnerable people.

The environment we live in has dramatic impact on our well-being. This is true for all the people and communities we want to see transformed, especially rural communities and the urban poor.

Interserve works with communities in tackling pollution, cleaning waterways and restoring healthy environments.

As agronomists, engineers, public health experts and business people we are involved in:

  • sustainable farming and secure food production,
  • snakebite research,
  • solar technologies,
  • plastic recycling,
  • and even conversations around the backyard veggie patch.

Interserve workers in Asia and the Arab world are caring for nature and people, motivated by God’s love for all. We commit to living out a practical faith that impacts all areas of life.

Our commitment to care for all creation is aligned with the Lausanne Call to Action (Jamaica, 2012):

“We are faced with a crisis that is pressing, urgent, and that must be resolved in our generation. Many of the world’s poorest people, ecosystems, and species of flora and fauna are being devastated … (by) … climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, water stress, and pollution. … Love for God, our neighbours and the wider creation, as well as our passion for justice, compel us to urgent ecological responsibility.”

Yes, I care! For nature. For people.

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