Love Respects

Women and men overcoming abuse, and communities building peace.

The facts around gender-based violence and abuse in the world today can feel overwhelming. And we don’t have to look too far to see that violence is the leading cause of injury and death for women.

For its first 100 years, Interserve was an all-women agency working primarily with women and children. That’s why we understand the great need for more women and men to engage in community transformation.

It’s clear these are not only women’s issues – they are men’s issues, too.

In many cultures exploitation and abuse are considered normal. In fact, many issues can be traced back to accepted attitudes and learned behaviours. That’s why we work with both men and women to overcome violence and abuse.

Abuse should not isolate women from their communities. We have learned the importance of working alongside communities to build peace and respect together.

“A person is a community being. When a family is in turmoil, the whole community is in turmoil and there is no peace. But when there is peace in the family, then the neighbours and the whole community is at peace.” – Promilla, Social Welfare Worker, Bangladesh

Throughout his life, Jesus defied cultural norms to elevate the status of women. His words and actions dignified women as precious and loved by God.

We work in places where women feel broken, hurt and unseen to bring Love that sees, heals and restores.

Our workers are involved in:

  • women’s shelters and safe houses,
  • child safety training and cultural change,
  • counselling and reconciliation within communities,
  • mentoring men, modelling healthy relationships,
  • equipping women to find their voice against injustice and abuse.

Yes! I want to help communities build peace and respect, and prevent abuse of women and girls!

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