Love Heals

Healthcare for people in remote or poor communities.

Access to high quality health care services can be a real struggle for people living in remote or poor communities. Addressing inequalities that affect health outcomes is fundamental to ensuring all have access to respectful and high-quality health care.

Interserve partners with local hospital and healthcare providers in Asia and the Arab World providing wholistic, integrated care to the most vulnerable men, women and children, as well as people living with disability.

Interserve equips, supports and sends Australian health professionals into diverse settings, providing both primary care and training for local clinicians.

In many contexts we also have opportunities to shape health policies, conduct research and equip local medical professionals and decisionmakers for improved health outcomes.

We are compelled by the example of Jesus, who brought healing and dignifying love to those who were sick and marginalised.

Our workers spend time learning alongside local colleagues, to make sure care is culturally relevant and considers the whole person and their family.

Through this critical work we can improve wellbeing, reduce adverse impacts, prevent some disability and work toward physical, social, emotional and spiritual health for everyone.

“Today my baby has become well. I am so happy!” – Farida, Bangladesh

Yes, I want people in remote and poor communities to have access to health care!

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