Love Dignifies

Walking with refugees and asylum seekers.

People are on the move. They’re fleeing war, conflict and persecution. They’re looking for work, for safety and a new home. Many have been trafficked, abused or cast out. For any number of reasons, they are in a new place. They’re seeking a new life and their needs are many.

In West Asia alone, the UNHCR estimates that 6 million Syrian refugees have fled into neighbouring Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan*.

Many refugees arrive in Australia as asylum seekers from countries such as Sri Lanka, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

As we welcome new neighbours into our communities, we have the opportunity to share the journey with them, to provide practical support and place for hospitality.

“I really love how you treated us. This is the first time I’ve seen us Syrians treated like this. I love it.”

In Australia

Our work includes visiting detention centres, running playgroups, English language teaching, providing meaningful employment, upskilling and participation in the community.

In West Asia

We partner with the local church to respond to the diverse needs of asylum seekers. From provision of essentials such as food and warm clothing, combatting isolation through community connection, opportunities to learn new skills and improve local language. Our team also provides critical support and referral services within the community. By finding a place of safety and belonging, people may begin to heal from the trauma of conflict, loss and displacement.

Jesus has taught us that to “welcome the stranger” is to welcome Christ himself.

Interserve helps Christians come alongside refugees and asylum seekers with Love that shares the Journey of hardship and hope, until we arrive ‘home’ together.

Yes, I want to be a neighbour to refugees and asylum seekers in Australia and Asia!

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