Love Feeds: Food basket for a family of five in a war zone

Love Feeds: Food basket for a family of five in a war zone

Emergency food relief

In part of the Arab world, ongoing armed conflict is limiting people’s access to the food they need to survive. The conflict has led to economic collapse that has further exacerbated the food security crisis. Unemployment, reduced supply and high food prices force people to adopt negative coping strategies such as cutting back on their number of meals. A network of local NGOs is able to provide food to families in cities where international relief efforts have limited access. This includes to people who have been internally displaced from the fighting.

This gift provides a food basket with 2 weeks basic supplies for a ‘food insecure’ family of five. It includes 25kg of flour, 15kg of rice, 4L of oil, 6 cans of beans, as well as tea, pasta, dates, sugar and other items according to the needs in each city.

Every purchase of this gift contributes to the Emergency Food Relief project goal.

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