“At Home” Recipe e-book

“At Home” Recipe e-book

Recipes and tips on life at home from Interserve workers and their friends in Australia, Asia and the Arab world.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many in our communities to be at home for more time than we’re used to. This can be challenging!

For more than 160 years, Interserve workers have served in challenging locations. Lockdowns, curfews and supply shortages are normal. We know what it feels like, and we’ve learned a few tricks along the way. With some optimism, creativity and (most especially) the help of friends, we’ve found that life at home can even be fun. This e-book is our offering of love and solidarity with all around our country and our world who are ‘at home’ at the moment. Your donation helps support Interserve workers serving now throughout COVID-19.

With your donation of $20* you can download a copy of the At Home recipe e-book to use on your device or print at home.

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*These are suggested donation prices. Available for a limited time only. When purchasing the Recipe E-Book You will be sent a link to a downloadable PDF file once your donation has been received. Each copy is intended for use by one family only so please do not redistribute without permission.

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