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Rok Kern is a positive alternative to visiting orphanages and further harming Cambodia’s vulnerable children.

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Many vulnerable children live in orphanages in Cambodia, often because people genuinely believe it is the best thing for them. Sadly, research tells us the opposite is true.

Children can face long-term negative effects from living in an institution and as a result of “voluntourism”. As one of the largest family-based care NGOs in Cambodia, Children in Families (CIF) has an important role to play in educating donors.

Rok Kern offers a child-safe, ethical education program for churches and schools that ordinarily support orphanages. Here they:

  • learn about the benefits of family-based care
  • learn more about orphan-care around the world, and
  • explore how use their relationships to help orphanages consider different models.

The pilot program had excellent feedback from visitors and locals alike, but has highlighted the need for even greater interaction with Khmer people and Khmer leaders.

CIF is led by Khmer people, and our next step is to employ a Khmer person who can work within the Rok Kern program. This staff member will host trips and be involved in the ongoing development of the program.

With this project we are raising funds to pay the first 6 months salary and provide training for our new team member. We expect that will be enough time for the Rok Kern program to generate enough of its own income, or to have received alternative funding.

We love walking alongside ordinary Christians who have a heart for vulnerable children. It’s a privilege to help churches and schools keep reflecting on how best to love and serve these children.

Will you help us?

All donations of $2 or more to this project are tax-deductible in Australia.

Why not join our Lenten Challenge and encourage your family, church or group to learn about this project and support it during Lent? You are welcome to download this focus image to put on your fridge or show in a Powerpoint presentation.