One step. A tapestry of God-written stories.

Investing for another 40 years and beyond.

$4,350.00 donated of $40,000.00 goal
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The year 2021 marks 40 years on a cross-cultural journey that God has invited Cathy to walk. That first step in 1981 led to forty years of walking alongside others, having Cathy’s story woven together with others in a living tapestry and testimony to God’s goodness, faithfulness and transforming hand.

To celebrate God’s goodness – will you join Cathy in taking another step, and investing in the next 40 years and beyond? The vision is to invest into the future of ministries that are integral to the way God has led and used Cathy over this forty-year journey.

Money raised for this project will go equally to these four areas:

ONE // When Women Speak…
When Women Speak… has a vision that women who follow Islam are not veiled from the good news of Jesus Messiah, and that the message is communicated effectively to them. A space giving attention to women’s voices where Christianity, Islam and missiology meet.
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TWO // The Angelina Noble Women’s Mission Research Centre
To encourage, support and facilitate women’s cross-cultural mission research and study.
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THREE // Scholarships to study a Masters in Transformational Development (Eastern College)
Supporting the Church in the Middle East and North Africa.
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FOUR // Interserve Australia
When the world is hurting, Love takes action. Interserve is a global community putting faith into action. We live and work alongside the people of the Arab world and Asia, both in their home countries and among diaspora in Australia. Motivated by Christ’s heart of compassion, and in partnership with His church, we share our skills and experience to change tomorrow by what we do today.
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Donations to this project are not tax-deductible.