Finding Treasure: Romans

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Imagine a very young local church in an unsympathetic context, where many have believed but both leaders and people are at very early stages of understanding the faith. How helpful it would be to have some helpful Bible commentaries. In this project we have been publishing the very accessible New Testament for Everyone commentaries by N.T. (Tom) Wright in a local Central Asian language. Already the translation, back-translation, editing, checking and printing of six out of the whole thirteen books has been completed. Although the books are sold, the price people can afford does not cover the whole cost of publication.

When you donate here, you are contributing to the translation and publication of the commentaries on Romans.

You are my dear child
One friend, in her enthusiasm for reading the Bible with the help of Tom Wright’s books told me about her reaction as she’d read the comments on Mark 1:9-13, Jesus’ Baptism. That day she read:

“The whole Christian gospel could be summed up in this point: that when the living God looks at us, at every baptised Christian, he says to us what he said to Jesus that day. He sees us, not as we are in ourselves, but as we are in Jesus Christ. It sometimes seems impossible, (especially to people who never had this kind of support from their earthly parents,)……. but it’s true: God looks at us and says, ‘You are my dear, dear child; I’m delighted with you.’ Try reading the sentence slowly, with your own name at the start, and reflect quietly on God saying that to you…”

Can you imagine her reaction? She wept with joy. She is one of many in this country who have grown up only with criticism and have never heard words like “you are my dear child. I’m pleased with you”. God’s word touched her heart through this book.