Emergency food relief in a conflict zone

Years of conflict in part of the Middle East has created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.
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In 2020, generous donors like you have helped provide almost 1000 food baskets to desperate and vulnerable families in a conflict zone in the Arab world. With ongoing food security issues due to conflict, these communities continue to need help.

We’ve set a new goal: 1000 food baskets before end of 2021.

Ongoing armed conflict is the main driver of this food insecurity, limiting people’s ability to access the food they need to survive. The conflict has precipitated an economic collapse that has further exacerbated the food security crisis. Food prices have sky-rocketed, compounded by reduced access. Unemployment rates have also soared, leaving basic foods unaffordable for many. High food prices force people to adopt negative coping strategies such as cutting back on their number of meals. 

Where will our next meal come from?  How can we eat less than we need for the next month?  What do we do when our food runs out before we have money to buy more?

Access constraints continue to pose a serious challenge to international agencies especially where conflict is intense.  Millions of people do not know where their next meal is coming from.  Yet, a network of local NGOs are able to provide food to food-insecure families in five different cities affected by conflict that international relief efforts are not reaching.  This includes people who have been internally displaced from the fighting.

A gift of $90 provides a food basket with 2 weeks basic emergency food supplies for a ‘food-insecure’ family of 5 in an area of conflict.  The food basket includes 25 kg of flour, 15 kgs of rice, 4 litres of oil, 6 cans of beans, as well as tea, pasta, dates, sugar and other items according to the needs of the people in each city.

This is the difference a food basket can make:

Saleh is the father of eight children. His wife has been feeling desperate since the beginning of the war because of his inability to earn enough money to meet the needs of the family. He used to work for a daily wage, but after the war the situation changed for the worse. The daily wage jobs decreased and became difficult to find. Life became very difficult. Even their relatives and neighbors were not able to help them, because they all struggled. Most people didn’t receive salaries for many months. Saleh said, “The food basket you gave us was a lifeline this month. We were suffering from more than hunger, as our living conditions have worsened to an unimaginable extent. God alone knows that we only eat one meal a day because we are unable to provide the most important needs. Therefore, we hope that you will continue to support us and provide us with assistance so that we can survive.”

Help us reach the goal of 1000 food baskets ($90,000) before end of 2021.

You can donate here or purchase a gift card. Every purchase of the gift of a food basket contributes to our project goal.

All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia.

Thank you for joining us!

Food baskets ready for distribution

Food baskets ready for distribution